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Menaka Gandhi

1986 - L to R: Mrs. Usha Sundaram, Dr. Nanditha Krishna,
Mrs. Maneka Gandhi and Mr. Herbert Fernandes

  • Registered Office: 1 Eldams Road, Chennai 600 018, India
  • Guindy – Hospital, shelters, ambulance services and ABC center at 72 Velachery Road, Guindy, Chennai 600 032
  • Lloyds Road ABC center – Lloyds Colony, Chennai 600 005
  • St. Thomas Mount Cantonment – ABC center
  • Kunnam center in Kanchipuram District – Hospital, shelters and ABC centre
  • Toducadu – ABC center for Thiruvellore District


Blue Cross Guindy Centre

Blue Cross Avenue
Velachery Road
Chennai 600 032
Phone: +91 44 2235 49 59 / 2230 0666 / 2230 0655

Hospital, shelters for large and small animals, aviary, ambulance services, ABC-AR programme, library.


March 1999


Mrs. USHA SUNDARAM, co-founder of the Blue Cross, and her family members have donated a Cattery to the Blue Cross shelters at Guindy. Covering 600 sq. feet, the Cattery is built around trees for the cats to play on and has a covered shelter for them.


An important event in 1997 year was the inauguration of the Captain Sundaram Animal Centre by Lt. General A. K. Chatterjee, Chairman, Animal Welfare Board of India, on November 30th., Situated at Guindy, the new centre has provision to house 200 large animals and 200 dogs, besides a cat shelter and a large aviary. The Konica Adoption Centre for puppies and kittens, donated by Mr. J. P. Acharya of Nippon Enterprises South, was also inaugurated the same day.


This hospital treats over 20,000 outpatients per year and shelters over 800 animals at any time. Since January 15, 1998, all the animal birth control (ABC) operations for street dogs of Chennai have been carried out here.


The Blue Cross thanks all those who have contributed for this Centre, especially the RSPCA, England, Brooke Hospital for Animals, U.K., St. Andrews Fund for the Welfare of Animals, Scotland; M/s. Sugal and Damani Charitable Trust, Madras; Animal Welfare Board of India, and Mr. Venkatachalam, Managing Director of Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, Mrs. And Mr. Ravindar and many others.


September 1994


July 27, 1994 was a very special day for the Blue Cross. Almost exactly 30 years after its founding, it received a fabulous gift of four acres of land and a donation of RS. 25 lakhs to its corpus. The fixed deposit receipt and the Government Order for the allotment of the land at Velachery were handed over to Capt. V. Sundaram, Founder and Mr. C. R. Pattabhi Raman, Chairman of the Blue Cross at a meeting at the CM’s office at Fort St. George.


It is difficult to describe such a wonderful gesture by the Hon’ble Chief Minister Dr. J. Jayalalitha. Few people have the time or the inclination to think of the voiceless and voteless. Her action will greatly enhance our efforts to help animals in distress and to increase the capacity of our shelters and hospitals.


All of us at the Blue Cross assure the Chief Minister and the Government of Tamil Nadu that we shall redouble our efforts and expand our operations as fast as possible, especially in the field of ABC.


Registered Office

1 Eldams Road
Chennai - 600 018
Phone: +91 44 434 17 78



Sriperumbudur CenterMr. Sujit L Joseph has generously donated 3.66 acres of land at Kunnam village near Sriperumbudur. This shelter has the unique distinction of being the first post research primate rehabilitation center in India. Monkeys rescued from laboratories are housed here, nursed back to health, and neutered. Later, they will be released into special forest reserves ear marked by the govt. for such animals. Horses from the King Institute which were not fit but were being used for making antivenom serum are also relishing their new found freedom at our shelter.


Around 150 cattle are here at any given time and a stove plus a couple of lights are energised through our bio gas plant .Over 100 adult dogs complete the kunnam family at the moment.


A Clinic with a full time veterinary doctor is proving to be a great asset to the neighboring villages. Plans to add a cat shelter are also in the offing.


Lloyds Road. Royapettah

The Corporation of Chennai has given us space in its Lloyds road depot, for a period of three years for conducting more ABC operations. Apart from the 8 large rooms built by the corpn, Blue Cross has added 6 more rooms, solely for the purpose of carrying out sterilisations of street dogs .Two rooms have been converted into a full fledged surgery theater and an office and the remaining rooms are used for post operative care. The Lloyds road center successfully operates over 250 dogs every month.


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Live and let live! Stop animal cruelty!

Animal cruelty generally falls into two categories: neglect, or intentional cruelty. Neglect is the failure to provide adequate water, food, shelter, or necessary care. Examples of neglect include: starvation; dehydration; inadequate shelter; parasite infestations; failure to seek veterinary care when an animal is in need of medical attention; allowing a collar to grow into an animal's skin; confinement without adequate light, ventilation, space or in unsanitary conditions; and failure to trim hoofs or nails resulting in excessive growth (e.g. hoofs curling upwards). In some cases neglect is a result of the owner's ignorance, and can be rectified by educating the owner.

Equally disturbing as neglect is the brutality of intentional cruelty, involving deliberate physical harm or injury inflicted on an animal. Regretfully, cases of animals being beaten, burned, poisoned or stabbed to death are not uncommon.

In some cases neglect or cruelty is the result of people using animals as tools for commercial profit, such as in the cases of excessive puppy breeding, use of animals in entertainment, animal testing and illegal slaughtering.
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Will they transport their kids like this?

Treat animals as ' someone' not 'something'.

Stop cruelty to animals.
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May this new year bring in the
happiest and most beautiful times
for you. Wish you a very
Happy Ugadi!
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#AnimalTests for #Shampoo

Look at the poor, innocent, harmless, freedom loving primate in the clutches of corporate cosmetic testing cruelty.

#BlueCrossofIndia advocates ending of all Animal Testing.

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Discipline and teamwork always set you a class apart!

Our volunteers of Blue Cross are always ready! They know what to do, when and how to do it! They consistently carry out tactical rescues. They learn ropes and knots, ascending and descending, rappelling, rowing to name a few.

This particular rescue demonstrates how our constant practice helps us in making challenging and risky rescues seem effortless!

Srikanth, Vigneshwar, Raj, Santhosh, Aparna and Daniel attend this 20 feet deep black water rescue. Srikanth and Vigneshwar row their way to rescue an injured dog. Watch how they professionally rescue an injured dog!

- Aparna

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Guaranteed to steal your heart is little Master Timmy. Those eyes. That tilt. Timmy will tilt his head at the click of a camera, at your humming your favourite tune and just about anything. If you ignore him, he'll offer you his paw. Tim Tim is super-cute. And super-smart for his age. He's around three months old. He loves to give you kisses. Tugs at ladies' skirts ( he immediately gets picked up and cuddled!) and oh, if you want that tousled-hair, just-outta-bed look, just show Timmy your head :-). Timmy is a foodie and loves hanging out with older dogs. He's in Chennai. Call 9500058836 to adopt!
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Kindness to the whole animal creation is not only a virtue that should be developed but is the ABSOLUTE DUTY OF MANKIND. Children should be taught that nature in all forms is God’s Great Book of Life and respect and be compassionate to all animals.

If you would like to show your kindness to over 1500 animals in our shelter, please help them by supporting us to support them.

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