Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (PCA)

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The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960

(59 of 1960)

As amended by Central Act 26 of 1982.
Arrangement of sections

Chapter 1 - Preliminary

1. Short title, extent and commencement.

2. Definitions

3. Duties of persons having charge of animals.

Chapter II - Animal Welfare Board Of India

4. Establishment of Animal Welfare Board of India.

5. Constitution of the Board.

5A. Reconstitution of the Board.

6. Term of Office and conditions of services of members of the Board.

7. Secretary and other employees of the Board.

8. Funds of the Board.

9. Functions of the Board.

10. Power of Board to make regulations.

Chapter III - Cruelty To Animals Generally

11. Treating animals cruelty.

12. Penalty for practising Phooka or doom dev.

13. Destruction of suffering animals.

Chapter IV - Experimentation Of Animals

14. Experiments on animals.

15. Committee for control and supervision of experiments on animals.

15A. Sub-Committee.

16. Staff of the Committee.

17. Duties of the Committee and power of the Committee to make rules relating to experiments on animals

18. Power of entry and inspection.

19. Power to prohibit experiments an animals.

20. Penalties.

Chapter V - Performing Animals

21. "Exhibit" and "Trained" defined.

22. Restriction on exhibition and training of performing animals.

23. Procedure for registration

24. Power of court to prohibit or restrict exhibition and training of performing animals.

25. Power to enter premises

26. Offences

27. Exemptions.

Chapter VI - Miscellaneous

28. Saving as respects manner of killing prescribed by religion.

29. Power of court to deprive person convicted of ownership of animal.

30. Presumptions as to guilt in certain cases.

31. Cognizability of offences.

32. Powers of search and seizure.

33. Search warrants.

34. General Power of Seizure for examination.

35. Treatment and care of animals.

36. Limitation of prosecutions.

37. Delegation of powers.

38. Power to make rules.

38A. Rules and regulations to be laid before Parliament.

39. Persons authorised under section 34 to be public servants.

40. Indemnity.

41. Repeal of Act 11 of 1890.

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Live and let live! Stop animal cruelty!

Animal cruelty generally falls into two categories: neglect, or intentional cruelty. Neglect is the failure to provide adequate water, food, shelter, or necessary care. Examples of neglect include: starvation; dehydration; inadequate shelter; parasite infestations; failure to seek veterinary care when an animal is in need of medical attention; allowing a collar to grow into an animal's skin; confinement without adequate light, ventilation, space or in unsanitary conditions; and failure to trim hoofs or nails resulting in excessive growth (e.g. hoofs curling upwards). In some cases neglect is a result of the owner's ignorance, and can be rectified by educating the owner.

Equally disturbing as neglect is the brutality of intentional cruelty, involving deliberate physical harm or injury inflicted on an animal. Regretfully, cases of animals being beaten, burned, poisoned or stabbed to death are not uncommon.

In some cases neglect or cruelty is the result of people using animals as tools for commercial profit, such as in the cases of excessive puppy breeding, use of animals in entertainment, animal testing and illegal slaughtering.
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Will they transport their kids like this?

Treat animals as ' someone' not 'something'.

Stop cruelty to animals.
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May this new year bring in the
happiest and most beautiful times
for you. Wish you a very
Happy Ugadi!
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#AnimalTests for #Shampoo

Look at the poor, innocent, harmless, freedom loving primate in the clutches of corporate cosmetic testing cruelty.

#BlueCrossofIndia advocates ending of all Animal Testing.

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Discipline and teamwork always set you a class apart!

Our volunteers of Blue Cross are always ready! They know what to do, when and how to do it! They consistently carry out tactical rescues. They learn ropes and knots, ascending and descending, rappelling, rowing to name a few.

This particular rescue demonstrates how our constant practice helps us in making challenging and risky rescues seem effortless!

Srikanth, Vigneshwar, Raj, Santhosh, Aparna and Daniel attend this 20 feet deep black water rescue. Srikanth and Vigneshwar row their way to rescue an injured dog. Watch how they professionally rescue an injured dog!

- Aparna

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Kindness to the whole animal creation is not only a virtue that should be developed but is the ABSOLUTE DUTY OF MANKIND. Children should be taught that nature in all forms is God’s Great Book of Life and respect and be compassionate to all animals.

If you would like to show your kindness to over 1500 animals in our shelter, please help them by supporting us to support them.

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