Water bowl for animals & birds

The Water Bowl Project is an annual initiative conducted by Blue Cross of India to provide quench the thirst of homeless animals in this unforgiving heat. The lack of clean drinking water leads to dehydration and finally the demise of thousands of stray animals and birds in our city. This gives you a chance to help the four-legged and winged residents of your neighbourhood in a small way.

In 2018, BCI distributed around 1,500 water bowls in and around Chennai. The bowls, which are made from cement by local potters, can hold up to four litres of water. They are painted using lead-free colours within our campus by volunteers.

The bowls can be picked up from our Guindy Shelter or be home delivered against a donation of Rs. 100 per bowl.

Roles you can play:

  • Donate Rs.100 and get a water bowl.
  • Donate in the form of money, paints or brushes to make more bowls
  • Volunteer at our shelter to paint them
  • Spread the word and join the initiative today