Mom & Babies thrown

BLUE CROSS OF INDIA IS NOT A DUMP YARD! And we cannot stress this enough.
Last night, an auto driver literally threw this mom and her newborn babies into the horse riding school adjacent our Guindy campus and drove away. This morning, a driver who had brought 2 young kids to the school, spotted the dog and went to feed her some biscuits. But being the protective mom that she is, she charged and bit him.
The staff of the school complained to us, so a team carried the dog and puppies into our hospital. The mother will be sterelized once the puppies are 45 days old, and all will be given for adoption.
By leaving healthy animals at our shelter or abandoning them in the driveway, you are:
1. Causing severe emotional and physical stress to the animal
2. Increasing its exposure to infection because we are primarily a hospital to treat injured and unwell stray animals and birds
3. Reducing the resources an animal in distress should get. The same time, money, resources and space a healthy animal takes up can be allocated to a dog in more need of it.
So please refrain from leaving healthy animals at Blue Cross of India. You are NOT helping to improve their lives.