Grumpy, moody and very aggressive cat rescued

On June 22, 2015, we received a call from a gentleman stating that a cat had fallen into a deep well. The Volunteer Mr. Vijay, college student and an animal rescuer extraordinaire rushed to the spot. The cat had fallen in a 60 feet blind well, the ground was very muddy and the walls were too smooth to climb. Our volunteer Vijay quickly rappelled down the well; the cat did not make matters easy. The cat was in a grumpy mood and very aggressive but with all the training the volunteers in BCI go through, the rescue went on without a hitch. The cat was pulled out of the well and now is in need of not only medical attention but also a good long bath. Dr.Anca Vet surgeon from VIER PFOTEN donated the rappelling kit that we used. A Big Thanks to her!!