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Blue Cross has always focused on Indian dogs as pets since we believe that they’re the ideal pets for our Indian conditions. No less than a pedigree, or sometimes even better, when it comes to being a lovable companion.
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Blue Cross of India relies on donations from supporters to continue our vital animal welfare work. Without this support, we could not help as many animals as we do. Donations enable us to care for the animals

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Our Ambulances and staff trained in animal rescue and relief are on duty for animal emergencies. If you see an animal in distress please get in touch with us on the phone [Chennai only] : +91-44-22354959 / +91-44-22300666 / +91-44-22300655
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WhatsApp: +91919962998886

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Blue Cross of India Provides

Humane education programme to develop kindness in kids and encourage adoption.

Rescue Centres for Dogs at Thodukaadu Village and Kunnam Village

Post Research Animal Rehabilitation Centre at Kunnam Village

Cattle shelter at Kunnam Village, Kancheepuram District

Emergency Ambulance Service for large and small animals, which are brought to the shelters for treatment.

Dr.Dog programme – to help developmentally challenged children.

Rescue centres for cattle that are transported for slaughter at Guindy, Chennai

Shelter facilities for rescued animals at Chennai, Kunnam Village & Thodukkadu

Animal Birth Control clinics at Chennai, Kunnam Village & Thodukkadu Village

Fully equipped surgical theaters where 1500 dogs are sterilized every month in Chennai city alone.

Clinic facilities for outpatients for 365 days a year; manned by qualified veterinary doctors.

Click to Rescue

Click to Rescue

Dear animal lovers,

As promised, we introduced 'Click to Rescue' service in Chennai recently.

To use this facility, just click on the link given below or send a WhatsApp message to 9962998886.

Click to rescue:

This helpline is only to report / request rescue for ill and injured animals. While sending us a message, kindly include your name, contact number, photo of the animal and current location of the animal.

Note: For other information, please call our landline

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Impact of our work on welfare of humans

Bradley Miller:
“Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.”

Three of our programmes have a direct impact on the welfare of people:
The ABC-AR programme for street dogs has virtually eliminated rabies in Chennai. Proposed by the Blue Cross as far back as 1966, it has been endorsed by WHO, OIE and, more recently by FAO under the One-Health concept. 

The Chennai Corporation has not paid us over Rs1 crore due from 2014 - yet we continue the programme so that all the work we have done does not get wasted.

Dogs are caught, kept overnight, then operated (ovario-hysterectomy for females, castration for males) and kept five days post-op for recovery they are them released at the same place that they were picked up from. Dogs being territorial in nature, the influx of fresh dogs is prevented in these areas. Sterilised dogs are less aggressive. The majority of dog bites by street dogs is due to children venturing too close to puppies. All species are aggressively protective of their young.

The other two are the Dr Dog Programme - a pet therapy programme especially effective for children with autism. The other is our ambulance service where injured animals are removed from the streets where they cause accidents, especially to two-wheeler riders.

While the Chennai Corporation has a huge amount to be paid to us, some dating back to 2014-15, we continue to work using our own funds to ensure all our years of work to virtually eliminate rabies is not wasted.


Blue Cross of India has significantly contributed to Wild Avian Management, Animal Experimentation Rules, Banning of Dissection, Animals in Films, Performing Animals, Animal Experimentation, Export of monkeys for research, Export of Frogs Leg, etc., Read More


Our projects consists of Medical waste disposal, Shelters, Rehoming, Adoptathon, ABC – Animal Birth Control, Hospitals, Mobile Dispensary, Work with Other NGOs, Ambulance Services, etc., Read More

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When you donate Rs.25000/- or more to the Blue Cross, besides the satisfaction you have helped animals, you will also be designated a Life Associate Member of the Blue Cross. Download Form

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Blue Cross of India was registered in 1964 with the following guiding principles:

  • That it is moral obligation that all animals, whether domesticated or wild, be protected from cruelty on the part of the man
  • That the claims and interests of science, sport, entertainment and the production of food do not exempt man from the obligation to eliminate cruelty and avoid suffering.
  • That Humane Education is essential if the conditions of animals are to be improved.


Goals to be reached before 2020:
  • Training centre for vets, para-vets, animal handlers and animal welfare workers
  • Corpus Fund to ensure a guaranteed source of income to feed and look after the animals
  • Professionalisation of the administration and monitoring of activities

Our Rescue Stories

Grumpy, moody and very aggressive cat rescued

On June 22, 2015, we received a call from a gentleman stating that a cat had fallen into a deep well. The Volunteer Mr. Vijay, college student and an animal rescuer extraordinaire rushed to the spot. The cat had fallen in a 60 feet blind well, the ground was very muddy and the walls were […]

Blue Cross of India animal rescue

Today was a good day!

On March 18, 2016, at around 07:00 am, we received a call from a man named Mr. Raja of Chromepet. He reported that a cat had fallen into a well and was almost drowning. The timing was almost perfect since one of our volunteers Mr. Daniel who was training with ropes at that moment (universe […]

Blue Cross of India Animal rescue during Chennai floods

Special Rescue during the floods

During the floods in Chennai City, BCI volunteers headed by Mr Dawn Williams, Residential General Manager went to all the flood affected areas in a boat and rescued animals in big numbers. Also, three Doctors from Romaniya and two doctors from the United Kingdom helped us during the rescue.

More rescues

From the blog

World Animal Day

On the occasion of World Animal Day (WAD), October 4 each year, special programmes are held all over the world. While the reason behind WAD is to remind everyone to be kind to animals, we must be kind all the time. The Blue Cross of India has been observing WAD since 2009, among other things, […]

Volunteers training

Volunteers train for animal handling, rope accession, descending, Rope Knots, Rope rigging animal First aid and animal welfare training programmes. The training is put into practice daily in rescuing different species of animals from wells and buildings. Training in animal laws and filing police cases are also imparted.

Special Adoption Drive at Forum Vijaya Mall

This Sunday was an ecstatic day for us at BCI. An adoption drive took place at Forum Vijaya Mall, Vadapalani, Chennai, and it was an extremely successful event! 20 puppies were adopted.

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Jeanne Marchig Award in 2007

PETA’s Proggy Award in 2006

Lifetime Achievement Award 2005

Middle East Animal Welfare

Humane Society International Award in 2005

Prani Mitra Award in 1985

Queen Victoria Medal in 1964

The Cat Rescue
You may have seem posts of redundant rescues. It may seem like they're all the same, but they are not! 
Rescues of animals stuck in wells!!
Daniel goes inside a well to rescue a cat. The well is quite large in diameter. So he must find a way to catch the cat without wasting too much time. 
Watch how he efficiently catches the cat and sends it up. The cat was brought back to the shelter for treatment. He is now under recovery. 
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