The Great Indian Dog Show 2018 

How do you fancy putting on your Sunday-best, socializing with some fine Indies and maybe even playing supermodel and taking a walk down the ramp? If any of that made your ears perk-up, you’re the pooch we’re looking for.

Blue Cross of India is bringing ‘The Great Indian Dog Show 2018’ to Chennai. It’s the indies day out and we’re very excited and fluffing out the red carpet to welcome you to our totally lint-friendly zone.

Get your friends and family to RSVP here! It’s your day after all, so make sure you snap them out of the snooze-mode, and get them over to Phoenix Market City.

If they need a teensy bit more convincing, tell them our party is human-friendly as well! Not only can they grab some refreshments and sit down to share your amazing stories together — we guarantee them a fun, activity-filled day out filled with wet noses, waggy tails and some camera-worthy moments.

“What bow me?” you ask

You get: lots and lots of tasty treats and very cool pageant titles, the likes of which might tickle your tails. We have super-cool titles like Best Rescue, Waggiest Tail, Best Tail and even Wackiest Name, up for grabs. You also get to make loads of friends; don’t wanna miss that, do you? You can even find your human some friends, while you’re at it!

Gates open at 4 pm, don’t forget to swing by. See you guys there!

Venue – Phoenix Market City, Chennai
Date   – 12th August, 2018
Time   – 4:00 PM Onward

A little about us:

The Great Indian Dog Show’s is our brainchild and an event dear to our heart. Because it’s main objective is to embrace our Indies and foster a community that is not only empathetic but celebrates our indie dogs while upholding the ‘Adopt, don’t shop’ motto. We at Blue Cross of India have years of animal rescue experience behind us, as we continue to strive to make our adoption initiatives reach more people. If you’d like to sponsor or donate to any of our resident animal friends, please check this link out!

As part BCI India’s Gift A Smile initiative, our shelter buddies are also more tech-savvy now and have their very own wishlist. We invite you to check it out and take part in it. Whether it’s a treat or toy, they’d be thrilled to have you gift them something.

All you have to do is hit the above link, pick a purchase that makes sense to you, add-to-cart and hit Buy. Amazon will deliver your gift-goodies directly to our furries here at Blue Cross Of India campus. If you’d like to gift them something in person, or even pay a visit to say hello to our animal friends, our doors are always open.