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As a long supporter of the Blue Cross, you are aware that we have not had a special fundraising appeal for more than three years.


However, we urgently need an additional 30 kennels so that we can take in more dogs as in-patients. We have been forced to give priority to the street dog ABC programme of the Corporation of Chennai and all our existing kennels are presently being used for this purpose.


We appeal to our supporters to donate Rs. 5000/- towards a tile in The Millennium Wall. Each 9"x15" marble title on the main entrance wall to this block will have the donor's name engraved on it so that your concern for animals will be there for all to see and emulate.



May we request you to send your donation for Rs.5000/- by cheque drawn favouring BLUE CROSS OF INDIA along with the matter to be engraved on your title. It would be appreciated if the number of words is restricted to 30 to have uniformity of all the tiles. All donations are exempt form Income Tax under Section 80 G.


Thank you and looking forward to your continued support.


Dedicated volunteers have made the Blue Cross of India one of the country's most successful animal welfare organisations. And when you join our volunteer team, you'll find lots of fun and challenging ways to help.




Blue Cross Of India
Working for animals since 1964




Volunteers match potential owners with cats and dogs suitable to individual lifestyles, for love stories that will last a lifetime.




Volunteers staff our adoption centre at Guindy, screening and counselling prospective adopters. They also act as public information agents for the Blue Cross of India, educating the public on such topics as proper pet care, the importance of spaying and neutering and animal behaviour.




Fill each shelter canine's day with love, socialisation and exercise by taking the Blue Cross of India's pets for walks.




Create a homelike environment for our animals. Play with, pet, brush, talk to and provide love for animals.




Volunteers assist veterinary staff with recovering animals in the Spay / Neuter Clinic.
Work with shelter personnel in the Blue Cross of India.
Socialise, play with and walk canines in the Blue Cross.



Volunteers visit classrooms with a wide variety of resource materials about pet care, pet overpopulation problems and other topics relating to animals and the environment.




Volunteers help organize and staff our annual special events.


Work on pet issues at the grassroots level as neighbourhood outreach


volunteers. Staff information booths at fairs and community events


Set up appointments for the Spay/ Neuter Clinic.
Offer clerical support services to our staff.




If you don't have time to become a regular volunteer, you can still help The Blue Cross of India by:


Becoming a Foster Parent. Volunteers can provide a temporary home (usually 3-4 weeks) for animals who are either sick or injured or too young to be adopted. Volunteers can provide loving care until the pet can be placed in a permanent home; the Blue Cross of India provides for the animals' medical needs.


Contributing your special skills, such as photography, writing and artwork.


Becoming a Blue Cross of India donor. Your contribution is the moving force behind all our work in helping animals.


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Stray Dog Denim dedicated to helping stray dogs find their forever homes in Los Angeles

True to its name, Stray Dog Denim is dedicated to animal rescue. They help to promote adoptions through social media, and look forward to more partnerships with animal welfare groups. "We want to ensure that even the scruffiest of dogs find their soul-mate. Sometimes all it takes is a little love and kindness to bring out the true personality of a shelter dog," says Rovin, who has trained two rescue dogs for therapy work in nursing homes. The company plans to encourage others down this path with "canine good citizen" training resources.

Lead designer, Sasha Rovin, came up with the idea for the brand when she struggled to find suitable garb for her edgy rescue dog, Scraps. Found on the streets of Los Angeles, Scraps needed outerwear that reflected his no-nonsense sensibility - hip, understated, durable and, of course, comfy.

A nice way to raise funds to help rescues efforts.
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Meet Amma, the 65-year-old ragpicker from Delhi who takes care of 400 stray dogs

She lives in a shack in Saket in southern Delhi and earns about Rs 200 (around 3.25 USD) a day, almost all of which she spends on the neighbourhood dogs. This is the story of Pratima Devi, a 65-year-old ragpicker who takes care of almost 400 dogs every day.

A saviour for stray dogs

After moving to Delhi about 30 years ago, Pratima initially started working as a cook for a few households in the city. After a few years, she started a cigarette shop at the PVR Anupam Complex in Saket, when she started to look after the dogs in the neighbourhood. When her shop was broken down by the police and Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), she started working as a scavenger, collecting waste from nearby shops and offices and selling it, after segregation, for a meagre amount of money.

The number of dogs that she started caring for grew in no time, and one day she found herself feeding and caring for almost 400 dogs on a daily basis.

Married at a young age, Pratima ran away from Nandigram, her village in West Bengal, to make a life for herself in New Delhi. Coming from a dysfunctional home and having suffered marital abuse, Pratima finds the company of dogs much more endearing and comforting than the company of fellow human beings. Taking care of our furry friends isn’t new to her — even back in her village, she had a few stray dogs that she would feed and take care of regularly. All these dogs have become her family.

Pratima takes care of the dogs’ every need. She feeds them twice a day, gives them milk in the evening. and takes care of all their medical expenditure including vaccinations and treatments. Pratima takes the dogs to Friendicoes, an animal welfare organisation, during emergencies. Pratima has been receiving undying support from this institution. She visits them quite often in case of accidents, illness, or health-related issues of the dogs. Friendicoes even helps Pratima get the dogs neutered and vaccinated.

An inspiration for many

The story of Amma, the stray dog saviour, has reached far and wide. A lot of dog lovers visit her and offer her help. Amma allows the people who visit her to adopt puppies, and in this manner, several disabled canines have also found good homes.

Inspired by Pratima’s noble and selfless deeds, Sudeshna Guha Roy, an independent filmmaker, decided to make a documentary on her. Sudeshna, talking about how she met Pratima, says, “My team and I had enrolled for a social film-making competition and we were looking for subjects for the film when my mother told me about Pratima Devi.

Inspired by her work and moved by the desire to help Amma and her children, Sudeshna has been running a crowdfunding campaign to help Pratima improve her condition. “Pratima has been working hard day and night, with every penny going in to take care of these stray dogs. She receives a new puppy almost every week. The number of her 'children' is ever increasing, so is her expenditure,” says Sudeshna.

Pratima doesn’t have the money to buy her own medicines or fix her broken-down roof, and yet she does everything possible to take care of these dogs with all she can, while she can.

News Courtesy:
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Adopt our shelter pups and kittens.

Just in case you unable to, please consider supporting these lovely little animals.

Please visit the link below to show you care for animals:

Rs.500 (US$ 7.5) feeds a cat or a dog for one month.

Your SHARE, COMMENT and LIKE will help us reach more animal lovers
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Happy Pongal dear fans!

Love animals. Loving Animals has benefits too. In a survey by the American Animal Hospital Association, 40 percent of married couples who owned pets reported they received more emotional support from their pet than from their family.
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Happy Pongal! ... See MoreSee Less

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