First Aid for pets

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First Aid Tips

  1. How do I administer medicine to a dog or a cat?
    Ans:  Pills:Open your dog's mouth and drop the pill down, as far as back as you can , on top of and in the center of the tongue.Close the mouth and hold it shut while stroking the throat until your dog swallows.If it licks its nose the chances are that it has swallowed the pill.

    Liquids:Tilt the chin up at 45* and place the neck of the bottle into the cheek pouch, between the molar teeth and the cheek.Seal the lips around it with your fingers and pour in the liquid.Bottle syringes and eye-droppers can be used.

  2. If a dog is bleeding profusely in themouth, what Ist Aid should be given?

    1. Quieten the animal with a sedative like Diazepan.
    2. Apply cold compresses on the tongue.
    3. If the bleeding site can be located, press it with coton dipped in ice-cold water.

      If the bleeding is severe , take the animal to a vet.He will give Haemostyptic Injections (Revici, Siochrome) to control the bleeding and if the blood loss is excessive , he will give I.V. fluids.

  3. The dog is frothing at the mouth and not eating anything.He is listless.What could be the matter?
    Ans: Frothing could be due to

    1. Distemper of the jaw.
    2. Rabies.
    3. Ulcers and wounds in the mouth.
    4. Consumption of poison.
  4. How do I know if the animal is Anaemic?
    Ans: Examine the insides of the mouth and eyes.If they are pale, the animal is anaemic.
  5. How do I check temperature in a dog, cow, horse, cat, goat?
    Ans: Place the thermometer in the rectum of the animal for about one and a half minutes.
  6. How do I recognise a puppy has worms?
    Ans: A puppy with loose skin and a pot belly usually has worms.
  7. Why do dogs eat their vomit?
    Ans:  A bitch will often regurgitate food for her pups.Adult dogs, who are not sick will do this when they have eaten too quickly.A second eating may help the digestive process.
  8. If a cat is bitten by another animal , what should be done?
    Ans: 1)Wash the wound with water.
    2)Control bleeding.
    3)Apply an antiseptic dressing.
    4)Give an anti-rablies vaccine.

If you have any doubts/ questions on Ist Aid,please send your queries to us by EMail. Watch this space for more information on Ist Aid.

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