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The fourth consecutive Well dog Show held in October '03 was a trendsetter of sorts.Earlier shows had been held in our premises in August to go with the national pride in owning all things Indian .This time , at the request of the school that approached us, we held the show later and at their premises which proved to be a wonderful oppurtunity to reach out to children too.The Velammal Matric Higher Secondary School in Mogappair, had previously held dog shows in their school, exclusively for their students but they were fascinated by the concept of the Mongrel dog show and the concern for these homeless animals which culminated in their hosting our fourth dog show at the school premises.As a goodwill gesture towards their school students, Blue Cross relented to accept entries of pedigrees too ,only from the students,though.We were pleasantly surprised to see that an equal half of the school entries had mongrels!


An added advantage of holding the show in Mogappair was that people who were unable to come all the way to our Guindy shelter eagerly took part this time and were excited at the prospect of a Sunday outing for their pets in the spacious surroundings of the school.This has encouraged us to hold our show every year in a different school in a different location so as to make it easier for the residents of that area to take part.We have already received offers from schools which have Karuna Clubs who are eager to add this new dimension to their activities.


As always , we had various prizes in various categories plus a raffle so as to allow as many pets as is possible to be winners.The special categories are carefully chosen to encourage people to accept and appreciate their pets as they are and to erase superstitions about their appearances. 


Our judges for the show this year were- Dr T.P Sekar ,Chief Veterinarian of Blue Cross who chipped in his experience and patience with over 85 entries and Dr Priyadarshini Govind, a young and committed veterinarian who has helped out in various animal welfare organisations as and when her time and busy schedule permits. She was also the recipient of the Young Achiever Award given by the People for Animals, for this year.


Mr.P.Thangaraj,Dean, Veterinary college, as the Chief Guest, spoke to the students on the importance of keeping a pet at home and also taking good care of it.Mr.Vijay Adhiraj, a popular TV star gave away the prizes and also recounted his experiences with his pets,some of whom have been mongrels. 


The prize winners were as follows.

  • Sterilised male - Browny of Padmavathi and Muthu of Yashodara.
  • Sterilised female - Blackie of Padmavathi .
  • Non Sterilised male - Benjy of Lisa and Tyson of Senthilkumar
  • Non Sterilised female - Jimmy of Jayaprakash and Tommy of Anuradha.
  • Pups - Becky of Vivian and Segappy of Gokulkrishna
  • Oldest - Pepsi of Anuradha
  • Curliest tail - Tiger of Ganesh
  • Friendliest - Pinky of Senthilkumar
  • Oddest markings - Browny of Padmavathy
  • Healthiest - Twinky of Prasanna.
  • From the school, Ebony of Benjamin, Julie of Aishwarya and Snow of Sushil.


The oldest dog category had a special cash prize of Rs 250, sponsored by the owners of Tiny,who lived up to the grand old age of 20 before succumbing last year.They also sponsored the garlands for the prize winners while Mrs Nora Subramani painstakingly made silk medals for them.We thank them for their generosity and enthusiasm. We also thank Messrs Vivek and Co for sponsoring the raffle prizes


An adoption program was also held along with the show and all the 33 puppies brought from Blue Cross were snapped within moments of reaching the school that our prepared speech on why mongrels should be adopted became unneccesary!! Most of the students also decided that they will only adopt mongrels or abandoned pets from animal shelters and not buy their pets anymore.Which is exactly what Blue Cross is striving for.The concept of the Mongrel Dog Show is to encourage pet owners to show the world and take pride in their non pedigree dogs and for new owners to go in for these homeless animals . When reputed schools join the cause, it makes it that much easier for us to reach out.Thank you Velammal ,for pioneering the trend.


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Right now, millions of mice, rats, rabbits, primates, cats, dogs, and other animals are locked inside barren cages in laboratories across the world. They languish in pain, ache with loneliness, and long to be free. Instead, all they can do is sit and wait in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure that will be done on them.
STOP #Animals Used for #Experimentation!

Raise your voice for the voiceless!

Sign pledge against animal cruelty now!


Be share with your friends. Spread awareness.
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End to elephant cruelty: Circuses charged for keeping animals in inhuman condition

No more elephants kicking footballs or standing on two legs in circuses across the country as the ministry of environment, forests and climate change (MoEFCC) has cancelled registration of seven such operators for keeping the animal in 'inhuman' condition.
So far, MoEFCC has deregistered 21 of 22 registered circuses in India under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, banning the training, exhibition and use of elephants for performances.

Even the sole registered circus is being evaluated. The Central Zoo Authority (CZA) - the Central government body responsible for oversight of zoos and captive wildlife animals-found 'gross violations' of the Zoo Rules, 2009 and the guidelines issued by CZA, following which it has cancelled registration of seven circus operators under section 38H(6) of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

These operators are Empire Circus, Great Golden Circus, Ajanta Circus, Great Apollo Circus, Kohinoor Circus, Natraj Circus and Raj Kamal Circus. Earlier this year, five other circuses were also de-registered. The evaluation team of CZA found substantial evidence of cruelty and abuse against the elephants.


The evaluation was done along with animal rights NGOs and veterinarians. According to the CZA, circuses cannot make animals perform without having proper facilities as prescribed under the Recognition of Zoo Rules, 2009.

This includes proper housing with adequate space, waste management, no display of sick animals, ensuring the animals are not stressed, and given proper medical care. But all the circuses evaluated were found violating the norms.

CZA's member secretary DN Singh confirmed to Mail Today, "Based on a series of investigations, deregistration process was carried out. The investigations show that the animals were being maintained in circuses in cruel conditions and were tortured to extract performances.

Some of the circus owners even submitted morphed photographs to us in a bid to claim that animals were kept well," said Singh, adding that CZA has adopted a virtually fullproof method to shut down circuses based on solid evidence such as videos and has also directed the chief wildlife wardens of states to rehabilitate the elephants from derecognised circuses.

"We along with CZA went to all the circus to check the status of wild animals and found that they were in deplorable condition. The elephants could hardly move because of injuries and pain. They are chained and even banned pointed metal sticks were used to train animals by hurting them," said Prashanth V Achariya, campaign manager, Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO). FIAPO has been running 'end to circus suffering' campaign against torture of animals in circus.
"Our finding revealed that the elephants were suffering from infectious diseases, permanent physical and mental disorders, he said.

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Love all animals.
Be compassionate to all living things.
Let us not be partial only to the ones we love.


Help us to speak for the voiceless.
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Drunk Delhi resident saws puppy's leg

They call him a "monster". A day after Mail Today reported about Dwarka resident Pramod sawing off a puppy's legs , fellow tea sellers in the area recounted how he caught pigeons in the past and then roasted and ate them.

Neighbours were wary of the 34-year-old because of his violent and cruel behaviour towards animals as well as his wife and six children. "Usually in the afternoon, Pramod would come to the park and catch pigeons. Later in the evening, he would roast them and have them with a few drinks," said Sanjay, a 35-year-old tea vendor.

An animal rights activist had told Mail Today that according to Pramod's wife, he had brought home a monkey a few months ago and then chopped it up.


The accused admitted to this reporter that he had severed the puppy's legs. "I chopped off the legs of the dog because I was drunk. I had beaten my wife that day because she was trying to protect it," he said casually. "Please forgive me." He also confessed that he has been booked in another case after a relative alleged that he had stolen some clothes and utensils from his house in Dwarka. But Pramod is out on bail.

When asked how he planned to provide for his six children, Pramod blamed his wife for never stopping him in the name of family planning. While the couple's eldest child is nine years old, the youngest is six months old. Sources say Pramod earns Rs 400-500 per day and consumes alcohol daily with the help of some ex-colleagues. He earlier worked as a bus conductor but was dismissed because of violent behaviour.

Then, he took up a job as a labourer, but was forced to leave again for the same reason. He is unemployed right now but sometimes helps his wife at their tea stall inside their rented house. The couple's nine-year-old daughter told Mail Today that every time she wants to play, her father forces her to work and wash utensils.

"If I don't, he threatens to kill me," Nandini said. "When my brother and I asked my father that what had happened to the legs of the puppy, he told us that it was run over by a car." A fresh complaint was given to the station house officer at the local police station asking cops to file an FIR under Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act and perhaps also under Section 429 of the Indian Penal Code.

Mail Today has a copy of the complaint filed on Wednesday by animal rights activist Gaurav Sharma and the FIR was finally registered at night. "We will take action against the accused," said Surendra Kumar, deputy commissioner of police (south-west).

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His name is Veera (fondly called 'pattu kutti') and he's LUCKY TO BE ALIVE. Please spread the word and help him find a home. This is his story.

Two months ago, he was found on the street. He had collapsed and was nearly dead. He had been bitten by another dog and left with holes in his throat and behind his ears and fractures in his head. And more bite wounds on his back. He developed abscesses. He endured long and painful treatment before finally healing. We saw an indomitable will to survive in a puppy who was barely three months old. He wears all his scars like badges of honour.

Today, Veera is an absolute bundle of love. He's very affectionate, likes lap cuddling, is very vocal ('talks' a lot) and loves being around other dogs. Has the cutest, kiss-worthy face. Long legs, long snout..... I suspect he's going to grow to be very tall, athletic and dashing. He's a big foodie and sunbathes a lot. Veera's fully vaccinated. He's looking for a loving home in Chennai or Bangalore. He's currently in Chennai. To adopt, please call 9500058836.
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