This is the price of your milk… whether in India or anywhere else, a male calf who is barely a few days old will be sent to slaughter for veal (calf) meat, all for 2 reasons: 1) so that he can’t consume the milk his mother produces for him; and 2) this is one of the methods by which the dairy industry is profitable for the owners.
Dairy products such as milk, cheese, curds, and buttermilk are still the product of murder, and consumers of these products are directly complicit in that murder.
We may never be able to live perfectly killing-free lives, but there is a massive difference between the lives we take while walking, breathing, and even in protecting ourselves, all of which are incidental, and the lives we take consciously for no reason other than our own enjoyment.  
And the science is in; the vegan diet is the healthiest diet. For us, for animals, and for the environment.
Be strong for the future of our planet and our children. You only get one chance to serve the future of the human species positively, please don’t squander it. Take a stand to no longer contribute to animal suffering!
Go vegan!

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