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The Blue Cross of India is one of India’s most recognised animal welfare organisations and the first of a new genre of organisations that looks after the welfare of all kinds of animals. Blue Cross of India is home to dogs, cattle and birds and many more creatures. They are orphaned, abandoned, old, injured, abused and physically disabled by speeding vehicles and cruel minds. At Blue Cross of India we not only house animals and care for them, we take them to our heart. Our activities include shelters, rehoming, adoption, hospitals & mobile dispensary, ambulance services and work with other NGOs since 1964.


The volume of our task in 2015:

32960 animals and birds treated, 5637 animals rescued via our ambulance service, 15604 dogs and  402 cats spayed and vaccinated with over 1400 animals are present in our Guindy  shelter at any point of time and over 100 cattle and  50 dogs in our Kunnam Shelter and a further 45 dogs at our Toducadu shelter.


Dear Fans, Supporters, Donors and Sponsors,

Blue Cross of India is happy to announce we have qualified again for “Champion Level #GuideStar India Platinum". Blue Cross of India is the only AWO in India to earn this certification.

Thank you for trusting us to be your preferred Animal Welfare Organisation in Chennai, India. We appreciate your support. We look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

Yours ever in animal service


Blue Cross of India

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Blue Cross has always focused on Indian dogs as pets since we believe that they're the ideal pets for our Indian conditions. No less than a pedigree, or sometimes even better, when it comes to being a lovable companion.




There are millions of stray and homeless animals in India today. The Blue Cross does what is practically possible to control these numbers in a humane way for e.g. by adopting procedures such as Animal Birth Control.




If you are an animal lover and is passionate about saving animal lives and bring a change to the quality of animal life we welcome you to be our volunteer. If you can spare a few hours of your time kindly fill the form.

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Blue Cross animal assistance is available round the clock. Our Ambulances and staff trained in animal rescue and relief are on duty 24 x7. If you see an animal in distress please get in touch with on the phone or email.

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Helpline Numbers:  044-22300655  |  044-22300666  |  044-22354959

  • Ambulance with hydraulic lifter
    Ambulance with hydraulic lifter
  • an ambulance donated
    an ambulance donated
  • Over 1500 animals are present in our shelters at any given time
    Over 1500 animals are present in our shelters at any given time
  • A Blue Cross of India Ambulance
    A Blue Cross of India Ambulance
  • Medical waste disposal
    Medical waste disposal

  • Prevented Export of Frogs Leg
    Prevented Export of Frogs Leg
  • Prevented Export of monkeys for research
    Prevented Export of monkeys for research
  • Controlled Animals in Films
    Controlled Animals in Films
  • Banning of Dissection
    Banning of Dissection
  • Controlled Animal Experimentation
    Controlled Animal Experimentation
  • Wild Avian Management
    Wild Avian Management

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